Woo Myung’s World Lecture Tour in Sao Paulo & Brasilia

by wmtour Sep 23, 2015


People from across the globe are attending this lecture and many of you were interested on how the lectures were held in other countries, thus we will take this time to briefly summarize those experiences.



The moment you enter the lecture hall, you are greeted by a bright and vibrant environment. Your eyes may be caught by the books that are on display at the front. These books were actually written by the speaker for the lecturer himself, in which one of them granted him a title of the No.1 Bestselling author in the world leading internet bookstore, Amazon. His writing also has won 8 International Book Awards. Perhaps this is why the book seems so vibrant…



The fellow Korean Meditation people who live in Brazil or from Korea are acting as the staff here; they all have such bright faces.

Wondering what all those black objects are in front of them? They are translating devices. Because the lecturer, Master Woo Myung, addresses in Korean, these are crucial to have. There is a lot, no? I’m curious whether all those devices will be used up.



As the lecture time approaches, one by one people enter. People who wanted to awake their happiness through meditation, people who wanted to find the meaning and purpose of their lives, and people who are just following in with someone they were recommended by; they are all coming together at one place.



Oh my~! A lot of people gathered, no? All those devices outside did indeed have a place to be used. To see so many people seeking happiness… truly you are most welcomed here.




Best Health Dance

We start off with a dance for everyone and anyone to follow along to stretch our body and minds. With all this Samba energy, no wonder this is Brazil!



About Woo Myung & Subtraction Meditation

A video presentation is shown about the speaker Master Woo Myung and the Subtraction Meditation. Everybody seems heartfelt towards the video~!



Story from Meditator

The lady who shows happiness on the outside, dentist Dr. Kim Na Young

Though she was living a comfortable life, she said that as her marital life progressed, she couldn’t stop hating her husband. She said she felt a big difference between the marital life that she dreamt of and the reality of it. Just about when her growing hatred was about to go out of control, she met the mind subtraction meditation. Through it, she gave herself time to reflect back on herself and with the method she was able to throw away that mind that hindered her.

Now!! She says she is truly happy. It is because that mind that bothered her disappeared.



Founder’s Speech

Finally, it is time for Master Woo Myung who founded the Subtraction Meditation. It seems that the Brazilians who are listening to his words through the translating devices are concurring deeply, no? I think you need to listen to it yourself for your to go ‘Ah~’.

Through the sincere words given by Master Woo Myung, this was a place where the speech gave a new perspective in seeing myself, the people and the world.



The Meeting with Korean Meditation People

After the lecture, there was a time for a meet-and-greet with the meditation experts from Korea. From Korea or From Brazil, the stories of the people’s lives were truly the same.

I hope that all of those who attended find their happiness within.