Woo Myung’s World Lecture Tour in Japan

by wmtour Oct 2, 2015


We sweat buckets just standing still! However, no summer heat could stop the staff of Woo Myung’s World Lecture Tour in Japan!



Awake your Spirit

Last July, Woo Myung’s World Lecture Tour came to Japan and around 200 people attended the lecture. Today, I’ll post some pictures of our team preparing for the seminar.



This is the Tokyo Move Hall. Several celebrities, including Korean singer-songwriter Lee Seung-hwan, have performed here. We were worried about the theater-style layout of the venue (as it’s not ideal for a lecture) but on the day of the event, the Tokyo Move Hall staff transformed the space so the seats were on the floor! A very nice surprise!


The acoustics and facilities in general were terrific! You could appreciate the Japanese people’s attention to detail.



Here are the banners announcing the World Lecture Tour.



And here’s the booth displaying Woo Myung’s books. His books have received eight international book awards and the last book reached number one on Amazon, the world’s largest online bookstore! Nice job with the display—I especially like the spiral staircase on the right!



A shot of the space outside of the hall. Standing banners and tables announce the Lecture Tour.



What comes to mind when you think of a world lecture tour? Why, interpretation devices, of course!



Whoo! The stage is nearly ready



The staff runs final acoustic, lighting, and projector checks and starts the rehearsal.

Koji, the M.C., and Jae Ik Sang, the engineer, look like they’re having a good time!



Already people are coming in! The staff goes into standby mode.

Waiting for the attendees to arrive… wondering how many will come…

The anticipation and excitement is what got us through this very hot summer!