Founder’s Keynote

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet him!
This December, Master Woo Myung is coming to Asia!


Solve all of life’s questions
A new perspective of the world
A new philosophy that gives hope to my life

Awake your 'real' happiness that rests within your soul!

A happiness that you seem to have but afraid to lose, a happiness that seems fulfilling but not satisfying.
Where is the true happiness that completely fills my mind?
There is true happiness within you that you do not know, and now there is a method to find it!

I am living in an illusion?

Everything I see, hear and feel is not reality but a fantasy (an illusion) that my mind creates.
I live in a world that disappears, just like the dream that fades away in the morning.
Master Woo Myung's lecture allows us, who blindly walk forward, to stop for a moment
and ask, 'then what is the real truth?'

The method of reaching true happiness?

Can we truly become happy?
Can I maintain that happiness without fear?
How can I find unchanging and everlasting happiness?

Complete freedom, everlasting happiness, the way to escape the fantasy and find your true self
will all be clearly, simply and easily shown to you through Master Woo Myung's lecture.

  • Founder of the Subtraction Meditation that awakened over 500 thousand minds across the world
  • World leading online bookstore, Amazon’s No.1 Bestselling Author
  • 18 years of endless research into the mind and meditation
  • Traveling across the globe and addressing over 300 official speeches

Through deep insights, Master of Meditation, Woo Myung’s speech inspires people
with enlightenment about life, happiness, life and death


2014 Eric Hoffer Award Winner of Montaigne Medal

2013 Living Now Book Awards

Gold Medal Winner in ‘Meditation/Relaxation’ Category

2013 International Book Awards

Winner in the Category of ‘Poetry: Inspirational’

2013 National Indie Excellence Awards

Winner in the Category of ‘Philosophy’ and ‘Spirituality’

17th IPPY Awards

Gold Medal Winner in the ‘Inspirational/Spiritual’ Category

2012 eLit Awards

Gold Medal Winner in 3 Categories of ‘Inspirational/’Spiritual’, ‘Mind’, Body,
and Spirit’ and ‘Self-Help’

2012 Amazon’s #1 Bestselling author

No.1 Bestseller in 10 Categories Including Health, Self-Help, Happiness,
Social Science, Philosophy

2002 UN-NGO IAEWP, Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize

After hearing the lecture, I was able to dream higher!

Rigmora Anderson/ 2014 Stockholm, Sweden Lecture

The self-reflection that I started after hearing this lecture was
the turning point of my life.

Mark J Kang / 2012 Seattle, USA Lecture

I was inspired by the powerful energy of the lecturer.

Joselito Iberoan/ 2014 São Paulo, Brazil Lecture

It was a lecture with unimaginable depth!

Alexandra Hynes / 2014 Perth, Australia Lecture

It is a story of truth and false that you can’t hear anywhere else

Jim Rubens / 2014 Lisbon, Portugal Lecture

The self-reflection method that Master Woo Myung
founded can help anyone in spiritually evolving.

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  • Date : Sunday, 3rd JAN (11:00 am)
  • Location : Meluha The Fern
  • Ticket Price : Rs. 500
  • Contact Us : 91 77158 14705 Call


Founder's Keynote

  • Date : Wednesday, 6th JAN (7:00 pm)
  • Location : Vivanta Taj Whitefield ITPB
  • Ticket Price : Rs. 500
  • Contact Us : 91 96631 82192 Call


Founder's Keynote

  • Date : Saturday, 9th JAN (4:00 pm)
  • Location : Cinnamon Grand Hotel
  • Ticket Price : 500Rs
  • Contact Us : 076 700 2893 Call


Founder's Keynote

  • Date : Wednesday, 13th JAN (7:00 pm)
  • Location : BRAC Centre Inn Auditorium
  • Ticket Price : 500TK
  • Contact Us : 017 9544 8113 Call


Founder's Keynote

  • Date : Saturday, 16th JAN (5:00 pm)
  • Location : NOVOTEL 459 Pyay Road, Kamayut Township, PO Box 895, Yangon
  • Ticket Price : 10,000kyat
  • Contact Us : 09 42113 9996 Call


Founder's Keynote

  • Date : Tuesday, 19th JAN (7:30 pm)
  • Location : Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit 189 Sukhumvit Soi 13-15, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Ticket Price : 300Baht
  • Contact Us : 02 118 3749 Call


Founder's Keynote