7-Day Special Meditation Seminar in Bostwana Gaborone Meditation Center

by wmtour Sep 29, 2015

From September 16th to the 22nd 2015, Woo Myung’s World Lecture Tour arrived in Botswana.
This is the Gaborone Meditation Center where the Open House held place between the 16th and the 21st.



Over the course of 6 days more than a 100 people came by. The passion of Batswana that wanted to grow their inner strength through meditation could really be felt.



To take a brief moment to introduce you the Gaborone Mediation Centre; the centre boasts a grand capacity of up to a 150 people and the moment you step inside it welcomes you with an ambience that could automatically empty your mind. A subtraction meditation expert offers a 1-on-1 consultation and guides you to the different levels of the mediation method. Meanwhile you have the benefit of having access to this accommodation over 7 scheduled daily sessions at your choosing.



Facilities within the center such as a swimming pool and BBQ stations are available to fellow meditation students for a place to bond, enjoy each other’s company and grow their friendship.




Isn’t the Gaborone Meditation Center is pretty amazing?

What kind of mind do you want to grow through mediation?

Comfortable relations with others
Attention and focus to the present moment
Greater understanding of yourself
A Calm mind without any stress
Seeing the mind of the world

The mind subtraction method, which gives you the ability to reflect on yourself and expand your consciousness, gives you the answer you’re looking for.